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5 Weird Things You Don’t Expect Will happen To Your Body Within The First 24hrs After Childbirth

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There are certain things that most, if not all moms expect to happen right after childbirth. Things like a swollen vagina, a loose belly, bleeding, etc…You know, all that good stuff.

But there are a several things that most moms don’t expect (heck, I didn’t as a first time mom) will happen immediately after giving birth.

These immediate postpartum symptoms are not all the way terrible, but they certainly can take you by surprise if you aren’t aware of them. 

It’s important to be prepared for these things so you don’t freak out when they happen!

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1- Contractions on first latch


I did not expect these powerful, toe-curling contractions right giving birth to my first baby.

Out of all the common, painful symptoms I experienced postpartum, these were by far the worst.

I certainly did not expect them to happen, especially not while breastfeeding!

Had I known, I would’ve made sure to have a bottle of this top-rated organic herbal tincture to ease my afterbirth pains.

To me, these after birth contractions felt worse than my actual contractions during labor.

The pain was sharpest during the initial latch and for the first couple of minutes while breastfeeding.

They subsided after that but I could still feel my uterus cramping the entire time. 

Although they’re super uncomfortable, they’re normal. These uterine contractions after childbirth are triggered by the hormone oxytocin, which is released by skin-to-skin contact with your baby and breastfeeding.

The purpose of these contractions is to initiate the process of involution which is when your uterus shrinks back down to its pre-pregnancy size and shape. Although most moms do experience these, some don’t.

I experienced this both times and let me tell you, as a mom who has had 2 natural births, I would not power through these afterbirth contractions again without having anything natural to ease the pain. And it’s true when they say that they get worse with each baby!

So make sure you get yourself a bottle (or two) of this organic herbal tincture

2- Intense shaking/shivering

Is there an earthquake going on or is it just me?

That’s the thought that crossed my mind after the birth of my first baby, when I started to shake violently.

My nurse looked at me smiling as she saw me shake life a leaf, and pulled out some warm blankets to wrap me up like a giant burrito.

Thankfully the shaking stopped no more than an hour after it began.

Postpartum shaking can be quite intense but it’s also very normal.

During the transition phase of labor, there is a surge in the hormone adrenaline to give you the energy you need to birth your baby.

This adrenaline flowing through you, along with a hormonal shifts, contribute to these shakes that happen right after childbirth.

3- Extreme thirst and hunger

Bringing a baby into the world is hard work. It’s no wonder you will feel super hungry and thirsty right after childbirth….and even throughout your entire postpartum recovery especially if you are breastfeeding!

Listen to your body and replenish it with what it needs to heal and to support breast milk production.

Ditch the junk and aim for organic lean protein such as chicken, as well as complex carbs such as quinoa, and brown rice.

Warm liquids such as raspberry leaf tea is great to drink after childbirth because it helps decrease postpartum bleeding by toning the uterus, and it also helps support lactation.

Coconut water is another great drink to have postpartum since it helps replenish electrolytes lost during labor and helps repair damaged tissues. 

If you plan on bringing tea with you, make sure you get a good tumbler to keep your drink warm when you need it.

Also don’t forget to bring a giant water bottle like this one to save you from having to refill it every hour.

4- Trouble going to the bathroom

Your first pee after childbirth may be a little shaky.

This is especially true if you’re a first time mama and/or had a long 3rd stage of labor where you may have pushed the wrong way (just like I did with my first baby).

Your pelvic floor, bladder, along with their supporting muscles and tissues endure quite a bit throughout the process of labor. 

So having a little trouble urinating right after childbirth is usually no cause for concern.

However, if you are having significant trouble peeing 1-2 hours after giving birth, or if you can’t pee at all, let your healthcare provider know asap.

3 Postpartum essentials to help you pee after childbirth:

* An angled-neck peri bottle to take the sting out of your first postpartum pee and to help heal the area by keeping it clean

* Peppermint oil can be helpful if your muscles and bladder are all all shaky and confused after childbirth, and need help releasing. Put a few drops into the toilet water (not on on your vagina!).

The vapors from the oil in the water will help relax your child pelvic floor and should help you pee easily.

* A giant water bottle to make sure you stay hydrated. Also helps dilute your urine to make it sting less

** If you aren’t fully prepared for your postpartum recovery, you’ll want to check out my complete list of postpartum recovery essentials.

5- Night sweats

I remember waking up in a pool of sweat a couple of nights in a row after giving birth. It was terrible!

In fact it’s one of the reasons why I always recommend that new mommies get at least 2 really good mattress protectors to help protect from any stains and bodily fluids.

Postpartum nights sweat are very much annoying but are totally normal and happen as a result of hormonal changes and your body ridding itself of extra fluids.

I hope this list wasn’t too shocking! It’s really not all that bad. Remember that many of these weird postpartum symptoms are temporary!

All in all, they were certainly worth it to me and I’m highly confident that you too will feel the same way, once you hold that little bundle of joy in your arms.

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