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Simply earth essential oils- February 2019 unboxing + review

Simply Earth essential oils subscription box unboxing and review

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**Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I received these products  free of charge in exchange to faciliate this review. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you Simply Earth, for sponsoring this post. For my full disclosure policy click here.

I recently got the opportunity to partner up with a family-run essential oil company called Simply Earth. I had never heard of them so when they reached out to me initially, I had to check them out. I was immediately surprised and taken by their warmth and professionalism. After doing some more research I was set on partnering up with this for this review.

Simply Earth quality essential oils Unboxing and review

As a natural minded mom and birth doula, I am constantly using essential oils. In my household we use essential oils topically, in our natural cleaning products, in our laundry, etc…As you can tell, we use them quite a bit. The only issue is that I was purchasing single oils and they all came at hefty price. One that made my card cry every time I swiped it.

I was excited to find a non-MLM company whose products seem to stand up to other popular brands, without compromising on quality, and without the hefty price tag. Make sure you read to the end. I have something special just for you! 😉

Here’s a complete unboxing and review of Simply Earth February 2019 recipe box.

From first glance

Their website is very inviting and easy to navigate

I’m quite attentive to detail and upon visiting the Simply Earth website I noticed how inviting and easy it is to navigate. Everything is labelled clearly, the images being displayed are super warm and inviting, and the verbiage being used is very easy to understand (they even have a free essential oil eBook for beginners!). They even have a section on their website where they compare their proprietary essential oil blends with others from doTerra and Young Living. There’s also a dilution rate guide which you can refer to. Navigating the world of essential oils can be quite overwhelming especially with all the brands that are out there, however, their website layout makes it very easy on the eyes even for those who are new to the world of essential oils. 

It’s a family-run business

I don’t know about you but there’s something very special about family-run businesses. I feel like they’re just really passionate about their products and involved every step of the way. That’s very important to me as a consumer because I want to support and invest in companies that not only care about their products, but also about their customers.

Their products are super affordable

The most expensive oil I’ve seen on their website is priced at a fraction of the cost of other brands! That’s because they remove the middleman and sell their products to you directly.

They promise 100% pure, undiluted batch tested essential oils

Upon seeing their prices, I was very surprised and pleased to see that every single batch of their oils is 100% pure, undiluted, and GC/MS tested! They even ethically choose the farms where their products are to be grown and fairly harvested! In case you’re wondering, they are currently working on posting testing reports on their website for both you and I to see. 😊

They stand for something

Simply Earth shares 13% of their profits to tackle the atrocious, illegal practice of human trafficking.

Unboxing – First thoughts

I’m a sucker for packaging. To me, quality packaging shows me that the company really values their products and customers. I love the minimalist design, the sturdiness and the fact that I could immediately tell what their company is about. 

What’s in box #1?

Box #1 is the February 2019 Essential Oil Recipe Box

The contents of this box include:

15mL Geranium essential oil – balances the skin and relieves tension and stress. Studies show this this oil is also effective for reducing anxiety and decreasing diastolic blood pressure during labor- perfect!
– 15mL Copaiba essential oil – can be used to treat skin conditions and to ease feelings of sadness and worry
– 15mL Beauty Within Essential Oil Blend: This is a blend of Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh, & Rosemary – renews dull skin and reduce fine lines
5mL Coffee Essential Oil – warms and invigorates
– .6oz Cranberry powder
– .5oz Beet root powder
– .8oz Arrowroot powder
– 4 Small jars which are to be used for DIY projects
– 2 Tins
– Several product info and recipe cards
– Labels for the DIY products and the essential oils

What’s in box #2?

Box #2 is the BONUS BOX ($50 value)! I was definitely pleasantly surprised to see another box full of full-sized products. 

The contents of this box include:

118mL Coconut Oil carrier oil (liquid) – can be used as a massage oil during labor
– 118mL Almond oil carrier oil – also can be used for massage during labor
170g Coconut oil (solid)
2oz Beeswax
– 6 dark amber roll-on glass bottles
– 6 dark amber essential oil glass bottles

I also received their 200mL Essential Oil Diffuser and a Wooden Essential Oil Box, as part of this collaboration. I love the the clean, sleek, minimalist design of the diffuser. This would be a great item to pack in your labor bag. Using a diffuser to create a peaceful and soothing environment is an effective way to manage labor naturally.  It’s very easy to use and I really like the fact that it shuts off when it runs out of water. It also changes colors. The kids love it! The wooden box is cute and it’s the perfect place to store all of my essential oils.

Thoughts on the products

What I liked

Well for starters I love the price point of these products! These 2 boxes are valued at $150 but Simply Earth sells them for $39. You can choose to buy one recipe box or you can subscribe to a brand new recipe box delivered to your doorstep every single month!

All 4 of essential oils are fantastic and smell just like what they’re supposed to. I tried the Good Morning Beautiful Diffuser blend and it was very refreshing and energizing. I’m excited to blend some of the other oils to diffuse them in my home as well. I could tell by their bold scents that they’re all pure and undiluted. I also plan on incorporating the other essential oils and products into my personal beauty and wellness routines.

What I didn’t like

The only thing I didn’t like was the fact the the solid coconut oil seemed to be refined. I use raw, organic cold-pressed coconut oil every single day and I knew right away when I smelled the coconut oil from Simply Earth, that it was refined— it had no coconut scent whatsoever.

What’s in it for you?

These Boxes #1 and 2 alone are valued at $150 but with Simply Earth, you’d pay $39 a month. You’d be receiving a recipe box packed with 4 full-sized essential oils + extras to make 6 recipes. Every single month! And you can cancel/renew your subscription at anytime. You are NEVER locked in.

But listen. I really appreciate you 😘 and your readership. And I think you’ll enjoy these products.
So use the code LIFEOFABABEFREE at checkout to get $ off your next order.

If you use my code when you subscribe for the 1st time, you’ll receive a $20 gift card with your initial subscription box and bonus box (yes, those 2 boxes valued at $150). You can use the $20 gift card towards your next box/purchase! Hey, maybe you can get that diffuser!

Remember you can cancel and re-activate your subscription at any time.


I hope you enjoyed this review!

Until next time,

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  • Yolanda
    February 19, 2019 at 10:04 am

    These are gorgeous. I love my essential oils and I agree, these prices are amazing. I love the wood box that the oils come in as well. Looks like really high-quality products. Nice diffusers as well šŸ™‚

  • Jennifer Mackinnon
    February 19, 2019 at 10:03 am

    This looks amazing. I love subscription boxes and I am just starting to ease into using oils for migraines etc. These look like great products and I love that they are full sized. Thank you for sharing!


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