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7 Simple and Effective Things I’m doing To Lose Weight and Get Fit In 2021

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Wanna know what I’m doing to lose weight and get fit? These are the simple things I am doing.

You can also try these things out and see if you enjoy them and they work for you!

FYI I’m not a pro! Just a mom on a journey to getting fitter and stronger!

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Now let’s get to What I’m currently doing to lose weight and get fit in 2021.

I believe that we all have to invest on ourselves as mothers.

I pour it all into my husband and children but taking care of my body is strictly for me!

Is it easy? No. Lots of mental (mostly) and physical effort! 

Is it simple? Yes. Eating in a caloric deficit and strength training. That literally it!

Once you get started, it’s all about staying consistent and being patient.

Results won’t come overnight but each day you get stronger and you get better at the things you couldn’t do.

Tracking my macros

Tracking my macros is a process that works for me. I enjoy weighing my foods so I know exactly how much I am consuming.

I use My Fitness Pal premium to log all of my calories. The MFP app is one of my top favorite essentials for weight loss.

Doing this helps me stay on track. I love food, especially pasta, breads, and sweets so if I am not careful I can overeat and ruin my progress so tracking my macros helps me enjoy the foods I love while keeping myself in check.

Not sure what macros are? No problem. Just read my very detailed post on counting macros and learn how to calculate your own macros!

Strength training 6 days a week

My current workout split consists of 3 lower body days and 3 full body days. Sunday’s are my rest days.

This works for me and I actually enjoy it. I find myself having more energy and sleeping better when I workout!

Eating in a caloric deficit

Consume less calories than you burn and you will lose weight! I’m currently in a cutting phase to lose weight so I’m eating in a deficit.

If you’re not sure how many calories you need to be eating to lose weight you can check out my post on the exact formula I use to calculate my macros

Eating foods I enjoy

Eating in a caloric deficit does not mean I eat lettuce and steamed chicken everyday.

As a matter of fact, I never do. Eating foods I enjoy is actually helping me lose weight.

I haven’t cut anything out. All I am doing differently is consuming things in moderation and limiting takeout so I know exactly what I am consuming.

I also modify certain recipes to make them fit my macros better so I can enjoy them without the guilt.

The fact is that losing weight will happen as a result of being in a caloric deficit. I can’t stress this enough.

You can eat whatever you like and as long as you meet your calorie goals, you will lose weight! No, you don’t have to go on keto, or eat salads everyday if you don’t want to, you just have to be in a caloric deficit.

Of course, eating clean foods will not only help you look good but help you feel good as well.

As with all things in life, balance is key!

I try to eat 80/20; I clean most of the time and the rest I eat whatever “junk” foods I want! This helps me from falling into the restrict/binge cycle over and over again.

Drinking 3L of water per day

Water fills me up and keeps me from mindlessly snacking throughout the day.

I use my giant water bottle to make it easy for myself to meet my water drinking goals!

Sipping on water throughout the day helps me stay full, keeps bloat away, detoxifies my body, and keep my skin looking great!

3L does sounds like a lot of water and it was for me at first but now it’s easy. If this is one of your goals check out my 6 stupid simple tips to drink more water.

Sleeping earlier

Studies show that lack of sleep can totally hinder your weight loss goals! I’m not fully there yet but I am working on getting 7 hours of sleep consistently every night of the week.

It’s thought as a mama when your busy with the kids all day and want to relax and enjoy yourself at night but sleeping late and waking up early can increase stress levels in your body and also negatively affect your hormones. Getting a good night’s rest is important.

Meal planning

I’ve tried meal prepping before but it’s just not for me. I don’t particularly care for eating reheated foods so instead of meal prepping I meal plan.

I think of all the things I might want to eat for the week and I buy my groceries accordingly.

Then I estimate how much of each foods will go into my meals, and I enter my calories into MyFitnessPal which is the app I use to log all of my meals.

This helps me know what each day is going to look like food wise and helps me stay within my calories.

I try to stick to this as much as I can but there are times where I go completely off script because I simply don’t feel like eating what I’ve planned.

This isn’t a big deal for me because no matter what I plan on eating, I log my foods and drinks and try to stay within my calories. Meal planning just helps me from going off the rails.


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