The 1 Natural Birth Essential You Totally Need But Forgot To Pack

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There’s one natural birth essential you forgot to pack in your labor bag. I promise you don’t have it YET, but probably will appreciate having it at some point during labor.

Not sure what to  position to be in during labor? Or how to push efficiently so you don’t tear your vagina? Or how to equip your labor partner to support you so don’t end up wanting to rip their head off mid-labor?😅

You may have already bookmarked 100’s of natural birth how-to articles and pinned nearly twice as many. But bookmarks and pins aren’t exactly practical to go through during full-blown labor.

Worried about not having easy access to the answers of your burning labor questions….during labor?! KEEP CALM. I’ll let you in on this natural birth essential you need ASAP.  Just keep reading!

So what is it?

My Labor BFF— it’s a mini digital labor pocketbook created by me, which includes everything you need to know to get you through labor with confidence! 

Sounds interesting! How did you come up with it?

As a 2x natural birthing mom, birth writer, and doula, I know how important it is to be educated in this area especially if you plan on having a natural birth in a hospital setting, where births are more likely to be medically interfered with, even when there is no real need.

I created it because I want to help moms like you to be more EMPOWERED in the birth room by having access to evidence-based information that will help you get more familiar and comfortable with the process of labor. In the world of birth, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

The maternal mortality rates in some of the world’s most developed countries are rising. Many women are given inductions frivolously and are operated on during childbirth at alarming rates. Inductions are more often than not being given frivolously and C-sections are performed far too often for reasons that are not indicated.

There are also many “scary” birth stories that taint the beauty of natural births. These fear-driven stories along with hospital politics also undermine the power of unmedicated birthers and their rights to making informed decisions, and having positive birth experiences.

I truly believe that being knowledgeable is key to being able to make informed decisions from the start of your pregnancy to your postpartum & beyond. Knowledge is also a powerful tool against FEAR which really be detrimental to your birth experience. 

And yes, even though “things happen” during labor that may be out of your control, having that knowledge and confidence will empower you to have a positive birth experience.

I want you to enjoy your birth experience because it really is a beautiful and supernatural life-changing event!

Here is what this mama who received a copy of My Labor BFF had to say about it:

“My Labor BFF is a simple and concise, yet very well-rounded booklet that is the perfect tool to bring to mind what you and your birth partner need to remember as labor approaches and even during labor, especially if you don’t have a doula or midwife present to guide you through the necessary points of information. Even as an “experienced” mom who has had four beautiful, unmedicated births supervised by midwives, I found myself thinking about how handy it would be for myself during any future births! Get one for yourself or to slip into a baby shower gift!”

Gina Marie

Here is what another mother and birth worker had to say about My Labor BFF:

“My Labor BFF is a wonderful, easy-to-use resource for every expectant parent. With step-by-step guides to labor and helpful tips, this short booklet is packed with info! Talking about not only the physical but emotional aspects of labor & birth is so important. This booklet will help birthers and their partners prepare for labor and birth.”

Chalé Alexis – Autonomous birth advocate & educator

Great! So what’s in it?

Over 30 pages of practical information and beautiful full-color labor images! 

That’s it! I want mine now. How much is it?

It costs a whopping $4.97. That’s it!

I want all moms to have access to this resource! You can order yours right now over here and get it delivered straight to your inbox within minutes! 😁

It comes in PDF format to allow you to view it on your phone, tablet, or even laptop. No bulky books you have to make room for in your labor bag. Or, if you’re nesting and are feeling crafty, you can print the pages on stock paper, punch a whole through all of them, and secure them with a paper ring.

If you get yours and love it, please don’t forget to leave a review for other mamas to see!

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