14 Mother’s Day Gifts for grandma

14 Gifts for grandma - Mother's Day 2018

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We can’t forget the woman with whom it all started: grandma!

I came up with 14 special Mother’s Day Gifts for grandma, that I hope you’ll enjoy. Did you miss out last week’s post where I shared gifts specifically for you? Check out my 21 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts post.

I’m so grateful for my mother and everything she’s done for me over the years. Now that I have 2 children, I finally understand the kind of love she has for me! I loved her love as a little girl because it made me feel wanted and safe.

As a teenager, it annoyed me because she didn’t want me at the club, and now as a mom, it grounds me and makes me feel safe.

Thank you, mommy, for all the sacrifices you have made for me, for never giving up on me, and for being the greatest grandma ever! Most of all, thank you for all of your prayers and thank you for trusting the Lord with my life.

I know it’s the reason I’m alive today. (“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” – James 5:16)

And to my mother-in-law, thank you for all that you do all of us! Thanks for your love and all the laughs we share + that delicious curry goat..and turkey…and fritters… LOL. You are the best! xxx

Mom and I…Love you mommy!


14 Mother’s Day Gifts for grandma

Gift idea #1:

If your mom is anything like mine, then she loves to pray! My mom is always praying for myself, my husband, and our children. It brings me comfort to know then even when I don’t have it in me to pray, I have someone interceding for me & my family, specifically my children.

Grandma, I Need Your Prayers is the perfect mother’s day gift for a grandma who loves praying for her grandchildren.

My pastor always tells us that “there is no distance in the spirit”. So even if your mother isn’t near, she can still intercede on behalf of your children. Isn’t that amazing?

The prayers in this book cover a wide array of topics such as character development, and friends/relations (& more!). To me, praying for someone else is one of the greatest and most pure displays of love. It’s definitely in my books to get for my mother!

Gift idea #2:

What grandma doesn’t love pictures of her grandchildren? This beautifully designed memory book will allow grandma to record and memories and milestones of baby’s first 5 years.
It also comes with a “window” on the cover where you would place a picture of your child. A sweet gift for a grandma who loves her grandchildren to bits!


Gift idea #3:

How many priceless and cuddly moments will grandma and her grandchildren get with this book? What a perfect way to say I love you, grandma! It’s perfect for cuddling up on a couch and reading before bed. It’s a book in which baby bear has to rely on grandma’s wisdom and knowledge. A thoughtful gift that will keep grandma and the kids occupied while you catch a break 😉.

Gift idea #4:

Does grandma enjoy gardening but lacks space for it? Check out this compact, elevated cedar planter. She can use it to plant, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, even with limited space. It’s the perfect gift for grandma because it’ll allow her to plant just what she needs without having to do any heavy lifting and digging. It is also 30″ high which means that grandma won’t have to do much bending!

Gift idea #5:

Grandma makes the best roasts but her old pot needs to go. This crockpot has a near-perfect rating by almost 5000 users! I missed out on a massive holiday sale so I didn’t get this specific pot 😒 but it’s on my list to purchase in the near future. Grandma can just put her roast in this baby, set it, and forget it! It holds a volume of 6quarts so it is perfect for larger families who enjoy gathering around food!

Gift idea #6:

This modern glass tea kettle will look beautiful on grandma’s kitchen counter. It comes equipped with LED lights and will bring water to a full boil in 6 minutes. It also shuts off on its own! Grandma will enjoy using this sleek kettle to make her evening cup of tea, which she can enjoy in one of these beautifully designed mugs.


Gift idea #7:

This 100% natural Himalayan Salt Lamp is quite a unique gift for grandma. It is hand-carved meaning no two lamps are the same and it has therapeutic properties which help promote relaxation and purify the air. I had 2 of these salt lamps at some point and can attest to their calming effects. This particular salt lamp does have a dimmable switch which allows you to control the intensity of the light. Grandma will surely appreciate turning this on after spending the weekend with her energetic grandbabies.

Gift idea #8:

This super affordable, personalized signature bracelet is a lovely gift that grandma can wear wherever she goes. Just think of how you’d like to personalize it and submit your design. The result is an elegant sterling silver keepsake bracelet that grandma can rock proudly.

Etsy Signature Bracelet In Sterling Silver Personalized Gift Grandma



Gift idea #9:

Is grandma always losing track of time when she’s with her grandkids? Then this elegant Tory Burch watch is perfect for her. It has a minimalist design that is still very much feminine and classic. She will definitely want to wear this gorgeous piece on her wrist!


Gift idea #10:

Enough with the old, stuffy, and musky grandma perfume and in with this fresh floral fragrance by Gucci. It’s a fun and airy perfume in girly, minimalist-inspired packaging. It’s the perfect fragrance or the warm weather. It’s a perfume that is sure to turn heads…in a good way 😉.
Gucci Bloom 100ml eau de parfum


Gift idea #11:

How pretty would this bright silk scarf look around grandma’s neck this spring? If grandma has a knack for fashion (hi mom) then she’ll probably want to pair it with this beautiful spring-colored crossbody bag. This is the perfect combo gift to add some brightness and flair to grandma’s wardrobe.


Gift idea #12:

For all the sweets and treats grandma has given to the kids (and you), this little box of chocolates is a sweet reminder that you haven’t forgotten all the sacrifices grandma has made, the big ones and the little ones. It’s the perfect add-on gift, just a special little extra for that extra special grandma!

I hope you enjoyed this list of Mother’s Day Gift for Grandma.

I still haven’t gotten my mom and my MIL anything yet but I know for sure that I’ll find something for the both of them here. I hope you find something on this list that you like for your mama!

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What will you be buying mama this Mother’s Day?
Do you appreciate your mom more now that you are a mom?
Comment below!

14 Mother's Day gifts for grandma

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