12 men surprise 12 deserving women with 12 Mother’s Day appreciation messages

Surprise Mother's Day messages from 12 men to 12 women

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Hey everyone! So, today’s post is a little different. We’re not talking about postpartum sweatiness, and crapping ourselves during labor  (yay!) because…IT’S MOTHER’S DAY.

Whether you’re married, widowed, single, or something in between, whether you’re a grandmama, an adoptive mama or a mama to angel babies, today, I celebrate YOU! I celebrate US.

Happy Mother's Day to you mama! 12 Mother's Day appreciation messages from 12 men to 12 deserving women

We are the ones who sacrifice our very bodies to give life to others. Us mamas birth nations!

We do it all.

Me + my mama

From carrying our children in our wombs for months, to going back to work 6 weeks after having a C-section so we can contribute to our homes,

to staying up all night with a sick baby, to nursing our preemies in the NICU,

to sacrificing our needs to make sure our kids have everything that they need and more,

to cooking and cleaning when we’re sick, to putting on a brave face during our darkest moments to keep the peace in our homes, to being the pillars of our homes…

We do it all.

We are the ones our children harass, poop, pee, spit up, cough, and sneeze on. The ones who literally can’t remember the last time we’ve had alone time…while on the damn toilet.

We’re the ones whose purses are always the messiest, and stickiest…

We do it all.

Although motherhood can be tough, I cannot imagine myself without my children. I can’t imagine myself not being a mama.

God has blessed me with this gift and I wouldn’t trade it for a cleaner and quieter house, for a nicer car, for money…I wouldn’t trade t for the world.

A couple of years ago, my husband and I chose the name of our children and “talked” to them, by faith. The doctor’s had told me that I’d have issues conceiving on my own and that I’d need to see a fertility specialist.

I was 22.

Today, I am a 25 year old mama to not 1 but 2 babies. By the grace of God, I haven’t seen a specialist for anything. The Lord went beyond my expectations and blessed me with 2 babies 2 years in a row!

Sometimes I look at my children and just smile (not because they both decided to take off their wet diapers and simultaneously throw them across the room), but because I see the goodness and grace of God towards me, in them.

These are the children I “spoke” to, with my husband. We would look at the stars at night and give them the names of our children. Little did we know that a couple of years later, their existence would manifest (Job 22:28).

We named our daughter first. Samaiya Grace and our son Xavier Josiah. Funny enough, we were blessed with them in that order!

My babies

Motherhood has been the toughest most trying journey I’ve ever gone on but it has been the craziest, most hilarious, sweetest, rewarding and fulfilling journey of all.

On this day I remember my journey to motherhood and I celebrate it. And I hope that you will remember and celebrate yours too because it is SPECIAL, and so are YOU.

And because you are special, I decided to work on this secret Mother’s Day Appreciation Collective where I asked your significant others to share why they appreciate you as a mother and as a partner.

My husband Jason also participated so I’m excited to read his surprise Mother’s Day message, and I hope you’re just as excited to see yours.

Grab your tissue boxes and carry-on reading.

Secret Mother’s day appreciation collective

From: Jason
To: Mallaury

(check out her blog:

“When you were pregnant with Samaiya, I remember you asking me numerous times, “Will I be a good mom? Will I have enough love for her?”

And I use to say, “Of course why wouldn’t you be? Why wouldn’t you have enough love for her?”

And you would have this unsure worried look on your face. At the time, I would be confused as to why you would ask those questions, but now I know that it was because you wanted to give our children the world, and you were afraid you wouldn’t be able to.

You didn’t come into the game of motherhood gracefully, you kinda stumbled into it and learned along the way.

I say this so you can remember where you started, and look at yourself now and see how much you have grown as a person.

You read up on everything on Google and What to Expect so that you would know the best ways to care for our children, the best foods to feed them, and much more.

I would say that you are now a seasoned vet in the game of motherhood and are passing your knowledge to other moms that are the way you were when you first became a mom.

We love you and wouldn’t know what to do if you weren’t here holding down the fort every single day. You are a superwoman, superwife, and supermom and we really appreciate everything you do.

Hopefully, this message puts no doubt in your mind that you are a great mom and wife. Happy Mothers Day from all three of us!!”


From: Anthony
To: Jalina

(check out her blog:

“I appreciate that she is steady and always sees the best in people. She always has a smile that warms my heart and a laugh that cheers my soul.

She knows what she wants and continually drives towards her dreams and goals without letting anyone or anything stop her.

I am thankful that she believes in me, as much as I believe in her, and encourages me to pursue my dreams. She is my anchor.”

From: Rob
To: Anna

(check out her blog:

“Anna understands my constant struggle to maintain a positive and healthy balance between family and work and is always ready to steer me back on track when I stray.

She never fails to make sure I’m doing the right things with our daughters to help them grow into strong and resilient women. I love her more than words can express.”

From: Wilson
To: Teresa

(check out her blog:

“I want her to know how strong she is. I’m so grateful for the life of our son and I’m proud of the way she dealt with the complications of her pregnancy.

She’s an amazing mom and wife that supports all of our craziness. I just love her.”

From: Tony
To: Ashley

(check out her blog:

“Ashley is the Lighthouse of our home. I am most appreciative of her willingness to serve our family when the outcome doesn’t directly benefit herself.

I’m thankful that she has foregone her career to walk beside me as a willing, loving, and gentle mother and wife.”

From: Brandon
To:  Liane

(check out her blog:

“I appreciate her patience. I am thankful for her love. She is the love of my life and I will do anything to support and protect her.”

From: Jaya
To: Deeksha

(check out her blog:

“I love you my kiddo sis as you have always been there to make my life a memorable one with your love n mischief!!

I just wanna say thanks to you for all the times we shared with each other whether that be hugging each other or fighting like cats over something trivial!

May we be together forever to love and fight and moreover to support each other.”

From: Tony
To: Cate

(check out her blog:

“She is the most selfless woman I have ever met. She’s a wonderful mother. She’s sexy and a very hard worker. She puts everyone before herself and I could not picture my life without her.”

From: Erik
To: Josephine

(check out her blog:

“She is the heart of our family, she gives everything she has to myself and our daughter. Every day. Even more than that she never expects anything in return, she’s beyond selfless.”

From: Rob
To: Jennifer

(check out her blog:

“I appreciate her love and devotion and how she values the children and sees them as independent spirits who you share growth with.

I appreciate how graceful and knowledgeable she is about so many things in life.

I appreciate so many things that we share and want her to know above all that she is the main reason I have so much magic in my life.”

From: Josh
To: Leslie

(check out her blog:

“I appreciate Leslie for all the behind the scenes things she does that I’m not even aware of. She is the nucleus of our family, she holds everything together.

For that I am thankful and that is a complete understatement.

Leslie, I want you to know that you truly make me and the kids better people by always putting us first and not batting an eye. I love you!”

From: Ken
To: Brit

(check out her blog:

Hmmmm… 6 kids under 8yrs old, an old house, a puppy, and a balding husband… Even coffee couldn’t make it happen without an amazing woman behind it! (Although it goes a long way.).

I love you so much, happy Mother’s day!”

I hope you enjoyed this special Mother’s Day post! These were all SO VERY SWEET! Thank you to all the men who participated!

Mamas I hope you enjoyed your surprise Mother’s Day appreciation messages.

To me, to you, to US. Happy Mother’s Day!

Until next time,

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Are you one of the special mamas mentioned in this post? If so, comment below!


  • Elizebeth
    May 14, 2018 at 8:26 am

    This is so sweet!

    • Lifeofababe
      May 17, 2018 at 1:18 pm

      Thanks mama <3

  • Brittany
    May 13, 2018 at 8:13 pm

    Thank you for doing this! What a fun surprise to read. I’m sure my husband already forgot he participated, so I will make certain I thank him and his cute balding head for the sweet message. Happy Mother’s day!

    • Lifeofababe
      May 17, 2018 at 1:18 pm

      Omg you’re husband’s msg to you actually made me LOL. The bald head part nearly had me on the floor. It’s so sweet and funny. Thank you so much for reading, happy (belated) Mother’s day!


  • Jalina King
    May 13, 2018 at 9:44 am


    Your family and your story are so beautiful! I admire your faith, and I absolutely adore your children’s names. Thank you for doing this for us mamas, and a special thank you for including angel mamas. What a sweet and thoughtful collective you have put together! It’s funny that my husband included that I always know what I want and go for it because he said that BEFORE I gave birth to our second son just 3 days ago. The doctor said “c-section,” and I refused. Pushed him out 2 contractions later! Another example of how a mother’s instinct and determination, by God’s grace, trump what doctors say. Happy Mother’s Day from a fellow Google mom!

    • Lifeofababe
      May 17, 2018 at 1:17 pm

      Hey mama! Thank you so much! Ugh it’s only by His grace!! You are such a champion for pushing him out the way you did lol! You’re one awesome WOMAN, hope all is going well with the new baby & with you.
      Thanks for reading



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