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6 Genius Tips To Drink More Water Every Day

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Want to curb those cravings, stop overeating, reduce bloating, detox your body, and keep that waistline slim? Jot down these 6 genius tips to drink more water!

I’ve always liked drinking water but since starting my fitness journey, I’ve made it a point to train myself to up my daily water intake.

These are crazy simple and yet effective tips that I’ve applied to help me drink more water daily.

Start early

I drink 3L of water daily and am working my way up to a gallon!

There’s no way I can drink enough water and stay off the toilet at night if I start drinking my water late in the day.

I like to meet my daily water drinking goals by 7pm. Afterwards I want to focus on getting it all out before going to bed.

I hate waking up at night to go to the bathroom!

If you wake up early and start drinking water as soon as you get up, chances are you’ll be done drinking all of your water way before your day ends.

It’s not fun to chug water late at night because you’ve been slacking all day.

Yes, that happens sometimes but if you want to meet your water drinking goal everyday, start early!

Get a giant water bottle

Seriously. I don’t know what I would do without my big water bottle.

I don’t have to worry about filling it up several times a day. I refill it once and that’s it! 

Use a marked water bottle

Need to take it a little further than simply drinking from a big water bottle? No problem.

Just use a marked water bottle. This 1 gallon bottle is not only big, but it has times written on it so you can track your progress throughout the day!

This is another 1 gallon bottle that not only has time written on it but motivational phrases to keep you going!

Seeing how much you are drinking throughout the day is a great way to keep you on track and motivate you you to reach your goal!

Drink more crave more

Just drink it! I’ve heard many people say that the more you drink water, the more you crave it.

I must admit that it’s true! Now I never go anywhere without my water bottle and I’m always making sure my water supply at home never gets close to running out!

Flavor it

Infused detox water with cucumber, lemon and mint in glass and bottle on white table. Diet, healthy eating, weight loss concept. Copy space

This isn’t something I do because I actually don’t like flavored water but I know that this is a trick that works for many people who don’t like drinking plain water.

You can get a bottle with a built-in infuser so you use some of your favorite fruits and veggies like cucumbers to flavor your water.

The good thing about this is you get very few to no calories added to your water and you get the benefit of added nutrients.

Follow the rule of 10

This is one of my favorite tips for drinking more water!

No, it’s not an actual thing but it’s something I made up that really works and makes drinking 3L of water a day much easier for me— drinking 10 gulps each time.

When I pick up my giant water bottle, it’s never to take small sissy sips!

I take 10 huge gulps of water in each time. It helps me stay full and also helps me reach my goal way before the end of the day.


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