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15 Of The Best Breastfeeding Accessories and products

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Having milk makin’ boobs and a cute and hungry baby is great and all but having the right breastfeeding accessories on-hand is even more amazing! Breastfeeding is natural, yes, but it can also be very challenging.

Preparing yourself ahead of time with the right tools will definitely make for a much more comfortable experience and it will be much easier for you to navigate your way out of all the crazy things you may encounter while breastfeeding.  

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You’ll be glad to have these 15 breastfeeding accessories on hand!

#1 The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

All of the breastfeeding accessories in this post have been listed in no particular order, but this online breastfeeding class was intentionally listed first. That’s because being prepared and having knowledge is key to having a successful breastfeeding journey. As a first time mom I had no idea what I was doing and only managed to breastfeed for 3 months.

With my second baby, I had lots of breastfeeding education and ended up breastfeeding exclusively for almost a year! Taking this amazing online breastfeeding class will help get you ready and confident for one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys of your life.

#2 A good breast pump

Maybe your baby decided to come earlier than expected and is not yet strong enough to breastfeed well… Or maybe you will be returning back to work soon after you give birth and you need to build a breast milk stash ASAP.

Either way, sometimes it is possible to need a breast pump even when you’re breastfeeding. Manual pumps are cheaper and OK to use (been there done that…never again) if you will be pumping occasionally. But if you’ll be breastfeeding and pumping regularly you’ll need a good breast pump and a convenient breast milk storage system.

This award-winning wearable breast pump (pictured above) is wire, cord, and bottle-free and is perfect the busy mom who wants to build her supply while work, school, or on-the-go. Wear this under your clothes while you take a conference call, or while you cook, or even while you’re out shopping— and pump away!

This electric double breast pump is one of the most popular choices among pumping moms and is perfect if you’ll be pumping mostly from home.

This powerful hospital-strength breast pump double as a single and double breast pump, and is perfect if you need to build a breast milk supply quickly or if you struggle with supply issues. It also comes with a nightlight feature which is great for those late night pumping sessions.

Remember how I said that I’d never use another manual breast pump? Well, I kind of lied. The Haakaa is the only I’d ever use since It’s not all the other breast pumps where you have to squeeze the lever thousands of times.
The Haakaa works more like a milk collector. Often times, when you breastfeed on one side, the other side starts leaking. It works by suctioning on to your breast and collecting the dripping milk! You’d be surprised at how much milk is collected. 

#3 Burp cloths

Breastfeeding can get a little messy. Things happen, babies spit up…. Aaaaand if you’re like me and you have any experience with overactive letdown, then you know how much and how often baby face spraying is involved.

Do yourself (and the babes) a huge favor and grab a bunch of these super absorbent organic cotton burp cloths. Trust me, you’ll need them!

#4 Glider/Rocker

Sometimes, even using all the pillows (including the dog’s) in the house isn’t enough to keep you comfortable while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is tough as it is mama, so you deserve comfort.

Kinky necks and achy backs are not cute and definitely not needed. This comfy swivel glider comes equipped with storage (for your breast pump and snacks…mostly snacks though right?).

If you’ve got limited space, rock away with this award-winning portable rocker. Looks like a back rest but it rocks….and you can literally take it anywhere. Oh, and you can use code 20ROCK to get 20% off your order!

#5 Lactation Massager

Out of all of the breastfeeding accessories in this post, a lactation massager is one I never owned but 100% wish I did from the very start of my first breastfeeding journey in 2016. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve always had an issue with overproduction and that means that I’ve always dealt with engorgement and having painful knots in my boobs.

Each time I nursed or pumped, I had to massage my breast manually (oooowwwww) to help get all the knots and milk out so I didn’t develop mastitis. It was bad. This vibrating lactation massager does it all- from relieving engorgement, to cutting pumping time, and emptying breast more efficiently. Over-producer or not, you can definitely use one or even 2 of these. 

Guess who will be getting this next time? *raises both hands*

#6 Super absorbent nursing pads…

My boobs were milk making machines. Of all the breastfeeding accessories listed here, these nursing pads are ones that I could absolutely not afford to run out of.

To protect your clothes, pop these babies into your bra and take them with you everywhere you go for a quick change. Try these reusable nursing pads you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly and cost effective option.

#7 Nursing pillow

I used my nursing pillow religiously! Keeps baby in place, bottles in place (while pumping), and gives your neck, back, and arms and break. Literally a nursing moms BFF.

#8 And a Mattress Protector

Of all the breastfeeding accessories on this list, this is one you’re probably raising your brow at…but mama let me tell you! Not only did I love using this organic mattress protector during my postpartum recoveries, I also needed it because……milk-making-machines.

After giving birth, you will be leaking fluids from everywhere. Rather than risking having to throw out an entire mattress, get yourself 1 or even 2 of these. Definitely worth it and having 2 on hand makes cleaning up super easy.

#9 Nipple ointment

I remember the days when my nipple felt as they they had gone through a meat grinder. After nursing my baby and pumping, I’d walk around topless with this organic nipple butter slathered across my chest.

The good thing about this nipple butter besides the fact that it is so soothing, is the fact that it does not need to be washed off before nursing!

Note: Nipple pain during breastfeeding does not always mean that there is a problem. Even with a perfect latch, no anatomical issues such as tongue ties and lip ties, you may experience nipple pain.

If you’ve never breastfed or haven’t done so regularly in years, sometimes your nipples go through the “breaking in” process (kinda like when you get new shoes).

My nipple pain completely disappeared after 6 weeks of EBF and I’ve heard of many other moms experiencing the same thing. Either way, if in doubt, check with a lactation consultant ASAP to rule out any issues.

#10 Nursing Bras & Tanks

Nursing bras and nursing tanks are the only pieces of maternity wear I’ve ever purchased and they were by far the most useful. They made breastfeeding in public super easy!

These nursing bras come in a wide range of sizes and the bras are all super soft, seamless, and wire-free. Having a bunch of these nursing undergarment is key to avoid doing laundry everyday (seriously who has time for that?). 

#11 Muslin Blankets

I used my favorite ever muslin swaddle blankets as nursing covers when I was new to breastfeeding in public. After awhile I stopped using them altogether because I personally felt more comfortable and confident nursing without my baby and I being draped in fabric.

Anyway, I highly recommend using these muslin blankets because they’re of good quality, super soft, and airy. Besides unlike traditional nursing covers, you can use these blankets for soooo many different things even after you’re done breastfeeding. My toddlers still use theirs to this day both for sleep and play.

#12 A Good Prenatal Vitamin

Your body needs certain vitamins and minerals to support breast milk production, and to heal efficiently especially during postpartum. Like many new, sleep-deprived mommies, it can be hard to get in wholesome meals multiple times a day, every single day.

Taking this prenatal vitamin (I love this brand and it’s one that my Chiropractor always recommends) even after pregnancy is key to providing your body with what it needs.

#13 Omega-3 Supplement

Taking an Omega-3 supplement daily is important for nursing moms. DHA is not only transferred from you to the babes during pregnancy, it is also transferred via breast milk. This DHA-rich supplement was recommended to me by my chiropractor. 

DHA is super important from the third trimester of pregnancy until about 18 months postpartum, which is when your baby’s brain will go through its biggest growth spurt. By the way, it also works wonder for postpartum pelvic and back pain!

#14 A nursing log/pumping log

Becaaaause…mom brain. I mean seriously, who has the kind of brain capacity needed to remember the dates and times of every single nursing sesh? If you do, I’m enviously side-eyeing you but most mommies are running on very little sleep!

So do yourself a favor and can get this free nursing log (and pumping log if you need it) to help keep track of each time your baby eats and your liquid gold stash.

#15 Gel Pads

I remember quite a few times where breastfeeding and pumping left me wanting to soak my nipples in buckets of ice. Since I couldn’t figure out the logistics of that, I used frozen gel pads instead to get relief. Having these on hand is a must mama!

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  • Sierra
    October 7, 2019 at 2:39 pm

    A good breast pump makes such a difference. It’s so important to have one that works well for you. There are all such great tips. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  • Kristin
    October 7, 2019 at 12:33 pm

    This was a great read! Since I am pregnant with baby girl #2 due next month all of these were very helpful tips. I didn’t have any success with my first born and breastfeeding, so this time around I am determined and full of self confidence that I can do it. I currently have my breast pump on the way and also purchased the “Haakaa” to help while nursing. I have high hopes this time around for successful nursing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Maria Yakimchuk
    October 7, 2019 at 10:44 am

    Your list is very comprehensive. I love the idea of a breastfeeding class, that is so helpful for first time moms.


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