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22 Of The Best All-Natural Stretch Mark Remedies You Can Make At Home

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Stretch marks.

Between 50% to 90% of women will develop them at some point during pregnancy. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best DIY natural stretch mark remedies for you— whether you’re newly pregnant and looking to keep them at bay, or whether you’re about to pop and want to know about improving the look of your skin I’ve got you covered mama.

Let’s dive into a quick stretch mark FAQs session, and explore the best all-natural anti-stretch mark ingredients, before we dive into the 22 DIY recipes. 

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What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are scars that develop on the skin due to it stretching rapidly for an extended period of time, in a short amount of time- like during pregnancy! This stress on the skin causes the fibers on your skin to tear, causing stretch marks to appear.

How your stretch marks look will depend on a variety of factors including your over health, your genetics, the degree of stress on the skin, and how you maintain your skin.

My stretch marks showed up during my first pregnancy in the last trimester. They were very faint and darkened overtime. After having my 2nd child, I was graced with a couple more but they’ve practically faded away and can only be seen up close.

Just for reference, I use a mixture of cold-pressed organic olive oil, raw shea butter, and organic rosehip seed oil all over my body including on my stomach.

Can rubbing all of these oils & butters really keep my skin stretch mark free?

Maybe, maybe not. Whether or now you get stretch marks will depend on a variety of factors including your over health, your genetics, the degree of stress on the skin, and how you maintain your skin.

Some moms swear by using oils to keep stretch marks away and still get them, while others don’t lift a finger and don’t get them. 

Maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy, staying hydrated, and supporting your skin’s health with various natural butters and oils is the best and safest way to help prevent stretch marks and/or improve their appearance. 

Here are some of the best and most popular anti-stretch mark ingredients

Myrrh Essential Oil– pricey but totally worth it.
Frankincense Essential Oil
Vitamin E– super duper effective!
Rosehip Oil– My favorite is the Organic Rosehip Oil from Sukin
Sea Buckthorn Oil
Lavender Essential Oil– Can also be used during labor to help get through labor naturally without an epi!
Neroli Essential Oil
Patchouli Essential Oil
Coconut Oil
– I love this stuff but it can be drying unless you put it on right after a shower/bath when your skin is still slightly moist
Raw Shea Butter
– I use this on my entire body daily. It has a pleasant, nutty smell and it keep my skin super soft.
Cold Pressed Argan Oil

***Note: Don’t shy away from purchasing good quality oils. Many of the cheaper, commercial options are often full of chemicals that can be harsh on your skin and that can even mess with your hormones.

For high quality, affordable, 100% pure essential oils, check out Simply Earth. I use their oils daily and can tell you that they’re great! Use code LIFEOFABABEFREE to get $ off your next order. You can check out my full review of their products here.

22 Of The Best All-Natural Stretch Mark Remedies You Can Make At Home!

Plant-Based Skin Repair Cream For New Mamas from Healing Harvest Homestead
DIY Stretch Mark Prevention Belly Butter from Jenni Raincloud
DIY Belly Butter from Fit As A Mama Bear 
DIY Stretch Mark Cream from A Less Toxic Life
Homemade Whipped Belly Butter from Call Her Crazy
Moisturizing Belly Butter from Wholeness Mama
Homemade Stretch Mark Cream from Swaddles N’ Bottles
Pregnancy Stretch Mark Salve from Wellness Mama
Homemade Stretch Mark Cream from Momtastic
Nourishing Belly Butter from Naturally Made Mom
Hydrating Belly Butter from Simply Otte
Ultra Moisturizing All Natural Stretch Mark Cream from DIY Natural
DIY Belly Butter For Pregnancy and Postpartum from Modern Homestead Mama
Prenatal Belly Butter from Yogi Mami
DIY Preggy Belly Cream from My Chocolate Moments
DIY All-Natural Whipped Belly Butter from To And Fro Blog
DIY Pregnancy Belly Butter With Essential Oils from Mother Rising Birth
DIY Belly + Boobie Butter from Bun Maternity
DIY Stretch Mark Cream from The Healthy Honeys
DIY Belly Butter For Healthy Skin from Still Being Molly
Anti-Stretch Mark Belly Serum from Primally Inspired
Blossoming Belly Butter from Mama Natural

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