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Hi! I’m Mallaury. Welcome to Fit Mom Birth Geek. 

Some fun facts about me: I love Jesus (He saved me!), and I love to indulge in milk chocolate, and pastries. If my diet could consist of just those 2 things every day I’d be a happy gal. I. I read the entire Shopaholic series a couple of times over and some of my favorite shows are Game of Thrones, Suits, and How to get Away With Murder.

I’m a 25 year old Christian, millennial wife to a loving man named Jason, and a mama to 2 amazing and energetic toddlers, Samaiya and Xavier. I’m also a birth doula!

We live in the beautiful city of Toronto.

I married my best friend at the tender age of 22 (exactly 27 days after my birthday). 5 months into our marriage we found out that we were going to be parents and 9 months later we welcomed baby Sam.

When she turned 6 months old we found out that we were expecting baby number 2. My entire world was shaken to its core. I was just getting the hang of being a mama to 1 baby, and a new one was about to be added to the mix?!

Needless to say, I was excited, terrified, and anxious all at the same time. Fast forward 9 months, we welcomed baby X and it’s been a wild ride ever since.

What about me?

The “mom” part of my life evolved very quickly and although I knew I was blessed, it wasn’t long before I felt like I was losing myself. I went from rapidly climbing the corporate ladder at one of Canada’s major 5 banks, to being a stay at home mom. I was breastfeeding around the clock, analyzing and comparing poop diapers, and singing and dancing to the Wiggles with my toddler all day.

My life as I knew it had changed, I just had a hard time accepting it. All I kept thinking was what about me?

I put myself on the back burner and poured so much into my family. I grew weary and miserable! My heart became hard and heavy with resentment of my husband who seemed to adapt to fatherhood quite easily. I felt guilty for not fully embracing my new responsibilities. So much for being the perfect mom and wife. I was failing miserably!

Anybody know what I’m talking about?

After the rain comes the sun.

Many prayers, adjustments, changes of perspectives, and pep talks late the dark cloud that seemed to hover over me began to lift. I finally started to see the light. Today, I’m grateful for those trials. They push me to turn things around for myself and for my family.

I really began paying special attention to myself and my needs. Just writing this actually reminded me of the night where the Lord whispered Jeremiah 29:11 into my spirit. I will never forget that night and I will never forget that particular scripture. I lean on it everyday especially on those days when I feel like everything is falling apart (mommin’ ain’t easy!).

It was also then that I felt it in my heart to start a blog. A blog that would help me rediscover the things that I’ve always loved and always been good at. I also wanted to share what I’ve learned along the way through my trials and triumphs. For months I went back and forth with the idea and it’s actually my husband who encouraged me to start.

Yes, you matter.

I know there are many other young women out there who have talents, dreams, and passions that they’ve had to push to the side for their families. But I think it’s so very important not to lose yourself and to always remember that you matter. I believe that God has blessed each of us with talents, dreams, and passions that we should use to bring Him glory and to help and encourage others. Your talents, dreams, and passions matter, and it’s crucial that you nurture them.

This is my part of the web where I’ll be sharing my experiences with pregnancy, natural birth, breastfeeding and postpartum.

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If you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for your time and readership. I really do appreciate you!

.Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ♥

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