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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide For 6 Types Of Dads

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Let me make shopping for the dad in your life easy this year, by hooking you up with this ultimate Father’s Day gift guide. Is the special daddy in your life super hard to shop for?

My husband is extremely picky, so much so that even after having been  married for 4 yrs, I still have to get a gift receipt just in case he happens not to like any gifts I buy him.


I swear he’s part of the 3% of the entire male population that is nearly impossible to shop for. 🙂

With the help of my picky husband, I came up with some fantastic gift ideas for 6 types of dads. If he approves of it, I’m positive the other 97% of men will too!

From the new dad who is freaking out about the impending arrival of his first baby, to the dad who will drive miles just to find the perfect BBQ sauce to go with his famous T-bone steakWe’ve got you covered.

So without further due, here is the ultimate Father’s Day gift guide!

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The ultimate Father’s Day gift guide for 6 types of dads

Fit dad

Gift idea #1

The Fitbit fitness wristband will keep track of his calorie burn,  heart rate, as well as his daily activities (and so much more)!
It’s perfect for the fit dad who wants to take his fitness to another level!

Gift idea #2

There’s nothing like listening to some good music to help you get through your workout, right? Well these wireless, waterproof, Bluetooth, headphones are perfect for the fit dad who loves working out to the beat of music!

Gift idea #3

Stinky sweaty feet and shoes are a no-no (trust me on this one). Slip a bottle of this Natural deodorizing powder into fit dad’s gym bag to help keep his feet, socks, and sneakers smelling fresh!

Gift idea #4

Help fit dad keep his feet nice and dry during his workout with these cool socks that are designed to wick moisture away from the skin!

New dad

Gift idea #5

You carried little Annabelle for 9 long months, let new dad do his share of carrying with this award-winning ergonomic baby carrier.

It provides great support (that tiny baby will grow super fast. Don’t blink, just watch), and it can be adjusted to fit multiple wearers.

Gift idea #6

SAY IT LOUD AND SAY IT PROUD! Help new dad show how proud he is to be a daddy with this cool, fun t-shirt!

Gift idea #7

New dad kinda freaking out about what to expect once baby is born? Fear not, The Expectant Father is the ultimate guide for dad’s to be! This book is chock-full of information that every new father needs.

Gift idea #8

New dad may not want to carry around a bright pink floral diaper bag (I wouldn’t either). This trendy diaper bag resembles a “regular” backpack and is perfect for a new dad on the go!

Travel dad

Gift idea #9

This personalized push pin travel map is perfect for the dad who loves to travel and keep track of all the places he’s visited. It’ll be fun to relive all the fun travels as you reminisce over each pin!

Gift idea #10

We don’t want fit dad not enjoying his trip due to having kinks in the neck! Travel in comfort and style with this sleek memory foam travel pillow that is designed to keep him comfortable anywhere he goes.

Gift idea #11

I’m positive that travel dad does not want to be that guy who holds up the boarding line at the airport.

Help him keep all his important travel documents organized with this All In One Travel Wallet which holds passports, boarding passes, credit cards, and more!

Foodie Dad

Gift idea #12

Suns out buns out! Is the foodie dad of your life King of the Grill? This BBQ Tool Set feature 19 pieces of professional stainless steel tools. Let him show off his BBQ’ing skills as you sit pretty and sip on some white wine sangria (yum!).

Gift idea #13

Treat foodie dad to a gift card that will allow him to dine or buy fancy food products nearly anywhere he wants! You can ever go wrong with a Visa gift card.

Gift idea #14

This German Steele Forged Knife Block set will have the foodie dad in your life running circles are some of the best chefs in the world! This 22-piece knife set will have him filleting, chopping, and dicing like a PRO!

Tech dad

Gift idea #15

Does the tech dad in your life Does the tech dad in your life enjoy flying planes? Surprise him with this Wifi enabled drone! Like me, you may not understand this  but it appears to be the new rage among many tech dads! It’s like flying a toy plane, but for grown-ups. 

Gift idea #16

Does the tech dad in your life want to smartify (yes I just made this word up) his life? The Echo Smart Speaker connects to Alexa and makes calls, plays music, and answer questions (+ so much more!).

Gift idea #17

Tech dad will love you forever once you hook him up with this virtual reality gear, that will transform his video gaming experience!

Business dad

Gift idea #18

Business dad will never be late for a meeting again with this sleek Smartwatch from which he can text, call, and get notifications without pulling out his phone.
He can even make payments from this fancy watch!

Gift idea #19

Nothing says business like a good tie. I don’t know about you but I love it when my man wears a nice tie. Gosh, there’s something special about a man in a suit! 😍

This gorgeous silk tie is super sleek and trendy, and is sure to have the business dad in your life look extra sharp!

Gift idea #20

Swap that old messenger bag for this ultra sleek, anti-theft laptop backpack. This bag is perfect for the business dad who needs a variety of things to conduct business on the go, while being organized. Did I mention that this bag has it’s own built-in USB charging port? Super practical!

Gift idea #21

Help business dad stay on top of his game and increase his productivity with this handy dandy leather planner.

The ultimate unique father's day gift guide for 6 types of dad's | Father's day gift guide | Unique Father's day gifts to buy | Creative Father's day gift ideas #fathersday #giftguide #dad
21 Unique Father's day gift ideas for 6 types of dads | Father's day gift guide | Unique Father's day gifts to buy | Creative Father's day gift ideas #fathersday #giftguide #dad

I hope you find something in this ultimate Father’s day gift guide, to get for that special dad in your life!

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Now it’s your turn.
What will you be getting dad this Father’s Day?
Comment below!


  • Sharon
    May 30, 2019 at 8:34 pm

    This post is a great Father’s Day gift guide for every dad! I love that you categorized gifts for their unique personalities.

  • Leigh Suznovich
    May 30, 2019 at 5:55 pm

    I love these ideas!! Perfect choices for the dads out there.

  • Heather
    May 30, 2019 at 3:37 pm

    We were just trying to come up with some ideas for Father’s Day!

  • Catherine @ To & Fro Fam
    May 30, 2019 at 2:22 pm

    You can never go wrong printing a photo book for Father’s Day! So many of our photos are stuck in the cloud or on your phone. It’s so much more fun to look at pictures together in a customized book!

  • Katie
    May 30, 2019 at 11:42 am

    I love how you broke down the different kinds of Dads. It seems like most guys are picky when it comes to getting gifts!

  • Bianca
    June 6, 2018 at 9:17 am

    So many wonderful ideas! It’s my husband’s first year as a dad, so this is helpful 💚

    • Lifeofababe
      June 6, 2018 at 9:20 am

      Aw well congrats to you both Bianca! So glad you found this list helpful!



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