21 thoughtful Mother’s day gifts for that special woman in your life

This thoughtful Mother's day gift guide is your ticket out of the dog house

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It’s that time of year again! Nope, not tax season, I’m talking about Mother’s day!

Today we’re steering clear of discussing our postpartum and breastfeeding issues and we’re focusing on celebrating MOMS.

21 thoughtful Mother’s day gifts for that special woman in your life

Although this post is for moms, it was written for everybody else to read but mom, ie: DAD. Hello, hi. Nice to meet you DAD. Here are some gifts for that very special woman in your life. Grab a pen, and start taking notes! Better yet, start swiping that card because Mother’s day is less than a month away! 😉

Here we go!

Mother’s day: TLC

Gift idea 1:

Mama doesn’t always have the time to indulge in hour-long facial appointments at the spa. Bring the spa to her with this professional face steamer. The steam opens up the pores and allows all the dirt and impurities to melt away. It’s the perfect way to start a night of pampering!

Gift idea 2:

Once the pores have been opened and the dirt brought to her skin’s surface, this powerful, duo-cleansing face and body brush is just what mom needs to get her skin right. The exfoliating cleansing brush will give her brighter skin free of blackheads!

What’s great about this brush is that it allows her to choose the type fo cleansing she wants. It has a gentle wash setting and another for a deeper cleansing. It’s the perfect addition to her skincare routine!

Gift idea 3:

Mommy dearest will need this skin-loving facial cleanser to wash her face with that awesome cleansing brush we just discussed. This gentle face cleanser smells like heaven (coconut + honey= LOVE)! It’s a great daily cleanser both to start and end her day!

Gift idea 4:

She’ll need a good face cream to lock in all that moisture. This highly-rated vitamin C based moisturizer is full of powerful antioxidants that keep wrinkles at baby, and even out the skin tone (see you later NEVER, undereye bags!). This moisturizer also helps shrink pores and clear breakouts.

Simply put, it’s every (tired) mama’s dream, in a jar.


Gift idea 5:

Maybe she’s been on her feet all day and rather than a shower, she’d rather a nice hot bath. Treat her to well-deserved luxurious bath this Mother’s day.

This rich Fig Honey bubble is just what she needs. It contains skin-loving butters and oil that will leave her skin feeling baby-smoothe.

It also contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which protects and balances the moisture of her skin. Let her relax and soak her tired body in this fabulous Laura Mercier bubble bath.

Take it from me, she desperately wants to forget about being sneezed, and coughed on all day.

Gift idea 5:

Speaking of being on her feet all day, mom’s feet are tired from chasing the kids around the house all day. This dual foot massager roller helps relieve the pain from sore achy feet. She can catch up on her favorite show’s reruns while she rolls her feet away on this massager.

Gift idea 7:

What mom doesn’t want a great smell-good body moisturizer? This rich, almond butter based body butter will do a great job of moisturizing mamas skin. Want to earn some extra brownie points?

Offer to massage of her body with it! Want to kick it up a notch, then this fancy argan-oil based body butter is what you need.

Psst…Can I tell you a secret? Argan oil has been proven to help prevent and heal stretch marks! It’s the perfect healing oil for a mama whose skin has been put under stress.

Gift idea 8:

From a warm bath to a cold towel? Never! This warm plush bathrobe is just what she needs to end her night of pampering. Throw out her ratty slippers and pair her new bath robe with these comfortably soft slippers!

Gift idea 9:

After a long day of looking after the kids and make sure that they don’t completely destroy the home, mama’s now ready for bed. After that extravagant pampering session she just had, she’ll probably want to trade in those old, washed out jammies for this cute camisole and shorts pajama set!

Gift idea 10:

You can set this gorgeous bottle of this fruity floral scented Marc Jacobs Eau de Toilette goodness, on her bedside table. It’s Mother’s day and as of late she’s been wearing a fragrance that smells more like baby powder and spit up. Let her indulge, ok?

Gift idea 11:

Now she’s finally able to set her head down on this luxurious natural silk pillowcase. She’ll enter into such a deep sleep that she may even snore. Just don’t tell her in the morning 🤐.

Mother’s day: For the home

Gift idea 12:

Mama’s tired of hearing the Wiggles theme song playing on repeat. Let her dance to her own beat this Mother’s day, with this cute pink portable Bluetooth speaker!

Gift idea 13:

This all natural, eco-friendly, soy wax based candle is not only a cute decor item for the spring, but it’s a perfect gift for a mom who wants a sweet smelling home (bye bye Diaper Genie stench).

It has herbal and citrus notes that create a calming and relaxing mood in the home.

Gift idea 14:

If your special lady is into aromatherapy, then you’ll want to consider this essential oil diffuser. Nope, it isn’t just another fad. There are actually many health benefits associated with aromatherapy!

It works by dispensing fragrance and moisture into the air. You’ll want to pair it with this all-natural essential oil to create a relaxing atmosphere in the home. Perfect for the days the kids drive her bonkers.

Gift idea 15:

You’ve been complaining about having to put your toiletries in the bathroom cabinet because wifey’s taken over the entire vanity. Well, now is your chance to reclaim some of that space and treat your lady at the same time.

This chic acrylic jewelry and cosmetic organizer is just what she needs to organize her stuff. You can start moving out of the bathroom now. You’re welcome.

Mother’s day: Fit mom

Gift idea 16:

She’s probably mentioned wanting to get fit for the summer, but maybe she hasn’t had the time yet or hasn’t been motivated to hit the gym. Find a space in your home and create a little workout nook for her to get some exercise in.

Working out is not only good for her health, but it’s a great stress reliever too! This yoga mat and basic dumbbell set is the perfect start to a healthy lifestyle.

Gift idea 17:

These cute sneakers and trendy workout outfit may get her amped up enough to go for a jog around the block. Just what she needs after she’s been busy mommin’ all day. Pop a movie in and keep the kids entertained while mama heads out for a brisk job.

Mother’s Day: Soul food

Gift idea 18:

Being a mom isn’t easy. If that special woman in your life is anything like me, then she bares her innermost feelings and deepest thought to her Father.

He’s the one person she knows who can make all things better. This is the perfect Mother’s day gift for moms for moms who struggle with taking some time out to connect with the Lord. It’s perfect for busy moms! In the midst of all the housework and the activities, she will appreciate this simple but yet powerful book, that will help her draw near to Her Father.

Ever heard of the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup”? Well, that saying is true. Through these devotionals, she’ll be able to connect to God and get an infilling of strength, hope, rest, and anything else that she needs.

Gift idea 19:

This tastefully designed journal features one of my favorite scriptures- Jeremiah 29:11. It is perfect for mom to record anything weighing on her heart. It’s the perfect compliment to the devotional book!

Mother’s day: #Bloggermom

Gift idea 20:

Managing being a mom and a mompreneur is challenging! Help mom keep her thoughts and projects organized with this beautifully designed daily planner.

Gift idea 21:

Of course she’ll need some pens to jot down notes in her pretty planner. The ones from that hotel’s reception desk you visited last summer just won’t do anymore!

Gift idea 22:

This mug is a perfect reminder of all the different hats mom wear. She’ll appreciate drinking her morning tea in the cute girly mug as she checks her emails and responds to comments on her blog.

This practical desk organizer is for the boss mom who likes to keep her workspace nice and tidy. Less clutter leaves more room for creativity to flow freefly.

Mother’s day: Organization

Gift idea 23:

You always ask her what she’s carrying around in that heavy purse, well let me answer for her. There are half chewed crayons, torn coloring books, baby bottle, pacifiers (which one’s clean?), and a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t belong to her. You can empty it for her (enter at your own risk) and reorganize it with this incredibly handy felt organizer.

Gift idea 24:

This the perfect Mother’s day gift for a mom who is often out the kids. Help her keep her car nice and tidy with this backseat organizer.

Mother’s day: Just because

Gift idea 25:

Mama spends her day in washed out leggings, a t-shirt, and her hair up in a top-knot. Surprise her with this gorgeous dress, pair of heels, and simple stud earring, and take her out to that favorite restaurant of hers. How’s that for a romantic end to Mother’s day?

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The ultimate mother's day gift guide!


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